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But the Constitution cannot be amended, Sir

Posted on: December 27, 2008


To amend the Constitution, a 2/3rds majority agreeing to the amendment is required in both houses of Parliament. According to constitutional scholar Shad Saleem Faruqi, the Constitution has been amended 42 times over the 48 years since independence as of 2005. However, as several amendments were made each time, he estimates the true number of individual amendments is around 650. When asked if “the spirit of the original document has been diluted”, he replied that “there is no doubt about it.”

———————————-But where in the Constitution that says about this 2/3rds majority…..?


Saturday December 27, 2008

Kula plays down hudud issue

IPOH: Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu will not be swayed by the hudud issue in the upcoming by-election, DAP vice-chairman M. Kulasegaran said.

The Chinese voters were mature enough to see that the issue was being played up by the Barisan Nasional, he said.

“The matter has been debated many times over. There is nothing new to it,” he said on Thursday after opening the DAP service centre of Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong.

He said he respected PAS for wanting to implement the hudud laws as setting up Islamic government was the party’s aspiration.

But Kulasegaran, who is also Ipoh Barat MP, said that PAS would not be able to get the two-thirds majority to amend the Federal Constitution.


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