Justice For All Malaysia

Almost anarchy on Christmas Day

Posted on: December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas.

A friend who witnessed the event expressed surprise that there was not a policeman in sight near the happening at Bukit Bintang.   It was  alot later that a few of them on motorbikes were seen scuttering through the crowd.

There was a fight…missed taking the picture…blood was seen all over a young man’s T-shirt he was wearing…what happened to him was not known…

Most that celebrated at Bukit Bintang were young people, mostly Chinese…

Majority of them really had fun and felt fun…

My friend continue to express surprise at how the police spent their time controlling disciplined crowd, like at BERSIH, ISA gathering, but not enough was sent to ensure no mobbing happened on Christmas Eve and Chritmas Day at Bukit Bintang…

One had to see the celebration at Bukit Bintang to know the potential of unpleasant occurance to easily emerge…particularly where the booze was quite easily accessible…

It was a lawless street for the hours of celebration…

and for some…it was a culture shock…


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