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Apa fatwa wewenangan ISA ke atas rakyat Malaysia, Pengarah JAKIM?

Posted on: November 23, 2008

Sesuka hati ISA dikenakan tanpa asas dan tuduhan yang konkrit…apa fatwanya, Pengarah JAKIM?


Police stop anti-ISA event in Ampang
Nov 23, 08 9:52pm
The police today moved in to disperse a group of people who had gathered at a field in Ampang Jaya since 8pm for the launch of an anti-ISA campaign.


In the process, it is learnt that about seven people have been arrested for failing to disperse.

Police light strike force unit started dispersing the crowd – numbering less than 100 – at about 9.26pm just as PAS vice-president Mohammad Sabu started to address the crowd.

By about 10pm, the police managed to remove the people from the field, with the assistance of a heavy rain.

Only a handful of people, armed with umbrellas, remained behind by the edge of the field.

The police meanwhile formed a line to stop people from gaining access to the field. By 10.30pm, the field was totally deserted with the crowd fully dispersed.

Earlier at about 9pm, the police had issued a warning to the crowd to disperse. About 40 Federal Reserve Unit personnel were on standby along with the normal police force.

Mohamad Sabu and PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub arrived at the venue at about 9.15pm. Earlier Ampang member of parliament Zuraida Kamaruddin was seen to be in negotiation with the police.

Small group at police station

The campaign was organised by the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI). It was to be launched by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

GMI chairperson Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh was also present at the venue since early evening.

GMI secretary E Nalini said that among those arrested were three PAS leaders from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Organisers also said that Anwar had not attended the event.

Those arrested were taken to the Pandan Indah police station.

A small group of people, led by Mohamad Sabu and Syed Ibrahim,  gathered there in support of those arrested, monitored by a group of 20 policemen.

Earlier in the evening the police had erected roadblock along Jalan Pandan as early as 8pm.

In the run up to the event, apart from the roadblock, several police vehicles were also seen parked in the vicinity.

According to organisers, the heavy downpour had affected the crowd turnout.

The police had previously advised the organisers not to proceed with the event as there was no police permit for the event.

PJ vigil proceeded smoothly

Meanwhile a candlelight vigil at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre tonight attracted about 100 people and proceeded peacefully and smoothly.

This is the second week the vigil – also held to oppose the ISA – was being held ‘legally’ with a police permit.

Three weeks ago, the police had dispersed the crowd while breaking up the “illegal assembly” and arrested 23 people in the process.

However last week the organisers were granted a police permit – with 12 conditions – to organise the vigil.

The 23 arrested people are to report back to the PJ police station tomorrow morning.


2 Responses to "Apa fatwa wewenangan ISA ke atas rakyat Malaysia, Pengarah JAKIM?"

JAKIM adalah penyokong kuat ISA.Semua ustaz2 di JAKIM pernah beri ceramah pada tahanan ISA di Kem kamunting.
JAKIM adalah penyelamat pemimpin UMNO-BN.

Police, where is Nurin n others? U r not keen to look for criminals, but engross yr time to arrest peace loving people.

What a low class Police Force r U?

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